Salena Gomez

There is actually a website out there that is for fans of Salena Gomez , however, I don’t think it is an active website.  There are all sorts of random articles on the site.  One I found particularly interesting was “Service Businesses Make Great Money on the Internet”.  It compares the usual “brick and mortar” to having a strong presence on the internet.

Reno Businesses that I frequently use

Reno Nevada is a big enough town that you really don’t get to try everything in town, yet small enough that you can find local favorites where you can be known by the ownership and treated well.  So I like to hit specific places in Reno for dining and services that I find exceptional to deal with.  Don’t think of this as my complete list, but I want to lay down a little bit of information on each. more “Reno Businesses that I frequently use”

Saturday Night Fever – Sacramento Style

So, this is a weird little story.  It happened a few weekends ago, (August 2016) and we were in Sacramento California.  Actually in a suburb of Sacramento called Roseville.  Me and Mrs. Hottie grabbed a room at the Hyatt Place Hotel.  It’s in the middle of bumf$*k nowhere, behind a mall they call the Galleria.  It was going to be a normal night of sucking and f@#$%ing.  But my lady had the urge to go clubbing.  Clubbing in Roseville?  WTF?

more “Saturday Night Fever – Sacramento Style”