Saturday Night Fever – Sacramento Style

So, this is a weird little story.  It happened a few weekends ago, (August 2016) and we were in Sacramento California.  Actually in a suburb of Sacramento called Roseville.  Me and Mrs. Hottie grabbed a room at the Hyatt Place Hotel.  It’s in the middle of bumf$*k nowhere, behind a mall they call the Galleria.  It was going to be a normal night of sucking and [email protected]#$%ing.  But my lady had the urge to go clubbing.  Clubbing in Roseville?  WTF?

So we hit the internet to try to find anything interesting to do – it looked grim.  I tried to convince her to give up and we could jump on our big hotel bed and I’d give her extended time of oral.  I promised her three back to back orgasms if we could just skip the ‘Sacramento Clubbing Scene’.  But that was not enough bait to keep her from wanting to dress up and go out.  So, at 8pm she started to get ready.

Geez! I had not seen her get this prepared to go out EVER.  She showered, powdered, lotioned, did her hair, and her makeup.  I do have to admit, she looked f*%king hot.  Now I really wanted to keep her home.

Then it got weird.  She says “lets go out, but be open to other people hitting on us.”  I was a little surprised and not happy.  She said , “just for a game. I don’t want to make out with another guy or anything.  I just want to be hit on.”  I was still apprehensive.  But she said, “do this for me. I think it will be a big turn on and I’ll take you back here and f*$k you harder than I ever have”.  I was now sold.

So out we went. We had one club that was mentioned on Yelp that had decent reviews and it seemed like a 10pm arrival would be okay because shit closes down at 1:30am in Cali.  We got right into this club – no line.  Place was okay. Slightly underwhelming.  But the one thing I noticed was that there were noticeably more woman than men.  And most were fairly hot.  But Yvonne looked better than most by far.  She was in a tight mini.  It was so small that, I swear, if she sneezed, her vagina would have popped out.  It was pretty hot.

We grabbed some drinks, and we stood at the bar.  This was when it got interesting.  We had been there 5 minutes, and Yvonne wanted to go to the bathroom.  She was walking away and the hot girl next to me immediately puts her hand on my waste and leans in and asks, “is that your girlfriend?”

The correct answer would have been , “no. She’s my wife.” but I went with the girlfriend thing.  She said, “she’s beautiful. Are you happy with her?”

Holy shit.  She was testing to see if she could take me away from her!  I got a little nervous and forgot that it was a night that I could actually flirt (and get away with it). And I said something stupid like, “thanks, but I’m not looking to see anyone new.”  Totally dumbf*$k thing to say, but that’s what fell out of my mouth.  She ended the conversation with, “okay – but I think you’re hot and I was fantasizing about riding you tonight”.  I just grinned at her like an idiot and she walked off.

Yvonne came back.  No guys approached her all night.  She seemed very disappointed.  On the other hand, I got hit on many more times.  And most of the time, it started with the girl asking me about my relationship with Yvonne.  Then it hit me like a hammer.  These girls were hitting on me because I was with her. Yep.  They had more interest in me because I was already with one of the hottest women in the club. Now I began plotting.  I wonder if I could get one or two of them to come back to the Hyatt with us.

Yvonne told me that she had ‘bi’ fantasies and that she had been with women a few times before we started dating (and eventually married).  So, I thought – ‘do I tell her my idea?’ or do I see if  I can arrange something first?  I went with the latter.  I started to flirt back with the girls that had already approached me.  It was getting close to 1am so I knew I needed to work fast.  Now my mission was simple – get at least one girl to say that she’d come back to the hotel room.

First thing, I went back to the hottie that had hit on me first.  I went for the straight play, “when we talked earlier, I really wanted to be able to take you up on your offer – but I couldn’t leave Yvonne out of it.  If she says it’s okay, would you want to come back to our suite at the Hyatt and sleep with us, together?”  She didn’t even hesitate.  She was in!  I told her I would introduce her to Yvonne.  I did. And it went well.  Yvonne was surprised at first but I think her night of not being hit on by any guys made this sound like a great offer.  I left the two of them alone and went window shopping for another.

Finding a fourth for our party was not so easy and I must have talked with 5 more woman before I had another taker.  She was tall, very slim, and very pretty.  I told her what was going on and she said she’d always wanted to but never dared.  Tonight was her night!

So now, close to 1:30am, I have my wife and two other woman to sleep with.  We all walked out of the club together.  I felt like f&$king Iron Man.  As we left, there was steam rolling down the walls of the building next door and it was spreading across the ground into the parking lot.  It had this surreal look as we walked through it.  I could here loud hissing noises coming off the roof.  I then saw the van parked close to the building, it belonged to a hood cleaning company.  So I knew where the steam was coming from.  It was pretty wild to realize those guys were up there working at 1:30am as I was walking off to fill a super fantasy.  When we got into our cars, Yvonne rode with Bella, the last girl to join our group.

After a short drive of 3 cars, we all piled into the hotel lobby and the girls were all giddy and joking with each other as we got in the elevator.  Yvonne started making out with the first girl, Terri as soon as the elevator doors closed.  When we got in the room, everyone seemed impressed.  It was a corner suite and was bigger than most rooms I’d had at Hyatt Place before.  Yvonne told everyone she had one rule for the night – nobody could f*$k me but her.  Anything else was fine – but my dick went in no other woman’s pussy or ass.  Everyone agreed.  Not five minutes later, I was giving oral to one that was giving oral to Yvonne, while another was sucking my cock.  I felt like a rockstar.  The play went on until morning light and nobody left. Sometimes we broke off into pairs and we switched up often.  By 6am, all of us were laying on the bed, tangled limbs, and I think I was the only one still awake.  I just laid there with a grin on my face. One of the craziest, funnest nights of my life. And it started with clubbing that I really did not want to do!

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