Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Reviews Three Registered Agent Services in Carson City, Nevada

The My Nevada LLC is a blend between a partnership and a corporation combining the best attributes of both. You get the tax treatment and ease of management of the partnership and the limited liability protection of the corporation. They are located at 1309 Enterprize Dr, Carson City, Nevada.

The Nevada LLC has the flexibility to be taxed as a pass-through partnership or like a corporation. Owners of the LLC, called members, get full limited liability protection from personally being responsible for the actions or debts of the LLC – within limits just like the corporation. They have one review with four-point-five star reviews.

For 110 years, State Agent & Transfer Syndicate, Inc. has called Carson City, Nevada home. From 1906 to 1950, our offices were located on North Carson Street in a building constructed in 1872. After 44 years of doing business there, we moved to our current home on Curry Street.  We love calling this historic home built in 1867 home. They are located at 112 N Curry St, Carson City, Nevada.

The home was built by Theodore Winters who also established a ranch on the north end of Washoe Valley and for years, our building served as a wedding chapel.  For those of you with a long history in the area, you may remember the building’s red roof which topped the home for nearly 80 years. They have one review with four-point-five star reviews.

Nevada registered agent is a person or entity with a physical address in Nevada where they are available during normal business hours to accept service of process and other official correspondence on a business’s behalf. They are located at 401 Ryland St Suite 200-A, Carson City, Nevada.

As our company name suggests, we are a Nevada registered agent service that helps keep both local and out-of-state (known as “foreign”) Nevada businesses in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State and accepts legal documents for your business by acting as your registered agent for just $35 total per year. They have seventeen reviews with four-point-five star reviews.

At Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we will provide you with outstanding client services. We will handle any Registered Agent Services of Process efficiently and in a confidential manner. We will do our utmost to assist you in making sure all filing due dates are met. We are happy to answer any questions you have about maintaining your regulatory compliance. Should you have any special service needs, please bring them to our attention, and will make every effort to accommodate you.


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