Trouble in Transit

I originally planned to call this article “Problems in transit” but that didn’t seem very exciting. If you make a pun or find a way to incorporate some catchy alliteration, then your article is a lot more attention grabby. Not like any of you loyal fans would ever miss one of my articles, anyways. I’m basically a celebrity in my town. Maybe because I’m the only conservative, so they want to understand what it’s like to be a part of civilization. Anyways, I digress. I could drone on and on about the title, but that’s not why you guys are read this. Although I am pretty good at writing.The title doesn’t really apply to the whole article, but it does explain the first section. If you didn’t know, I ordered Steph a Breaking Bad figurine about 6 days ago because it used to be her favorite show.

Gamestop had this sale going with a merchandise producer called ThinkGeek, and it was over half off so it was like four bucks. The shipping itself actually cost more than the figure. Steph likes when I buy her stuff, so maybe I’ll buy a business for the both of us in the future. We can move to Reno. I have a few hookups for reno plumbers, so they should be a big help. So I was tracking the order yesterday while I walked home, and I saw that it had gone to the wrong post office. It somehow ended up in California, which didn’t really make sense. Luckily that was a few days ago and it still arrived here on time. Flash forward to a few hours later, because that’s when I’m finishing this article, it didn’t arrive because there was a Sun Valley post office that had to deliver it.

I checked, and it was the final nail in the coffin before arriving at Steph’s house. Was that a good analogy? Seemed like it had more of a negative connotation. In case you were wondering what my next article will be about, my new 2DS finally arrived and I’m super pumped so I’m gonna do a first impressions post. I started this article during lunch and am finishing it now, because I had a few extra minutes. That’s why there’s an unseen time lapse that you guys all missed.

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